The Power Curve: Smart Investing Using Dividends, Options, and the Magic of Compounding

“The Power Curve offers an independent, objective, and unbiased approach to managing money the right way. The book is a complete roadmap to beating the market that should be required reading for every professional and amateur.”
- Michael Steelman, Director, Bank of America

In the immortal words of Albert Einstein, "compounding is the most powerful force in the universe." In his book, The Power Curve, professional money manager Scott Kyle explains in entertaining and understandable terms how to tap into this ultimate strength to improve one’s stock market returns. From the fundamental to the technical to the psychological, Kyle covers everything the beginning investor needs to know to avoid common investment pitfalls and provides advanced trading techniques that will help improve performance of even the most experienced investors.

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Forever Young

Forever Young is Indiana Jones meets National Treasure meets The Da Vinci Code - with a sexy, original twist. Four stars worth of action, romance, adventure and suspense.
- Jon Larson, Hollywood Producer

Forever Young is a fresh, fast paced romance adventure that reads like a Hollywood movie. Part Da Vinci Code, part National Treasure and part Indiana Jones, Forever Young follows the life of Frank Young. A seemingly average guy, Frank falls in love at first sight with a gorgeous and mysterious woman, Jackie, as their plane survives a crash landing on the way to Frank’s ten year college reunion. Separated during the chaos of the emergency landing, Frank fears he will never see Jackie again. At his reunion the following night, Frank discovers he may have a power that could change his life – and the women he encounters – forever. Soon beautiful A-listers who want to tap into his newfound power throw themselves at Frank who instead desperately wants to reconnect with Jackie. Meanwhile, Frank’s start up business is struggling, so when billionaire Ari Kousakas approaches Frank with a proposition that includes funding Frank’s fledgling travel company in exchange for tapping into Frank’s power, he becomes intrigued. As with many of the characters in Forever Young, there is more to Ari than meets the eye. Frank soon finds that the people he loves most are in grave danger when he refuses Ari’s demands. As the power Frank thought of as a gift quickly becomes a curse, Frank decides to return to the place where he thinks it all began. Frank makes a harrowing journey that takes him half way around the world and puts his very own life at risk – all for love. Along the way he must make all but impossible choices that test his character as well his abilities for survival. Forever Young delves deep into issues of love, morality, greed, and the universal quest for eternal youth.

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